Featured Projects

  •  from Ardent Services | Electrical & Instrumentation Services |

    Leesville Cryogenic Processing Facility

    The Leesville Plant is a 200 MMSCFD cryogenic processing facility located in Leesville, Ohio. The peak manpower during the project was 91 employees and the project ...


  •  from Ardent Services | Electrical & Instrumentation Services |

    Grassroots Crude Oil Rail Car Unloading Facility

    Ardent provided electrical and instrumentation services for construction and start-up of this grassroots crude oil rail car unloading facility located in Taft, California with a capacity ...


  •  from Ardent Services | Electrical & Instrumentation Services |

    Midmar & Fasken Gas Plants

    Ardent was charged with supporting the delivery of two 60 million cu ft per day (MMcfd) grassroots gas processing and compression facilities located in a remote ...


  •  from Ardent Services | Electrical & Instrumentation Services |

    Tioga Plant Expansion

    Ardent provided E&I construction services for a portion of the plant expansion for a cryogenic natural gas plant. This cryogenic natural gas plant will be able ...


  •  from Ardent Services | Electrical & Instrumentation Services |

    Gulf of Mexico Panel Fabrication

    Ardent recently completed a large panel fabrication project for a major deep-water offshore oil and gas production facility in the Gulf of Mexico. This project included ...


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