Project List

49 MW Co-Generation Plant


Ardent finalized the Grassroots Construction of a 49 Megawatt Co-Generation plant that consisted of a GE Gas Turbine Generator and Steam Turbine generator.  The facility makes electricity and steam for the plant at such capacity to enable the plant to sell back residual electricity to municipalities. Ardent’s dedicated team helped with field design, construction, commissioning, and start up.  Total man-hours for this project were 108,000. 

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E&I Grassroots Construction


Ardent finalized the Grassroots Construction of a 36MCFPD Gas Facility that consisted of 3-2000HP Liquid Gas Compressors, and 2-2350 HP Refrigeration Compressors. This facility makes Propane, Butane and Gasoline, alone with Residue Gas sales. Ardent’s dedicated team calibrated and installed all instrumentation, along with commissioning the facility. Ardent was originally contracted to perform just the instrumentation scope of this project, but due to our performance, ultimately Ardent took over the total project E&I scope through commissioning and start up. Total man-hours for this project was 23,376. 

Red Hills


In 2012, Ardent completed all electrical and instrumentation construction and pre-commissioning efforts for a new-build 60MMSCFD gas plant near Jal, NM. This eight month project included installation of 96 sections of 480V electrical equipment, 24 sections of 5kV power distribution equipment, 8,000 linear feet of cable tray, 272,000 linear feet of power and control cable, 42,000 feet of conduit, termination of 156 5kV conductors and 23,512 600V conductors, 40,000 feet of grounding conductor, 26,700 feet of trenching, installation of 896 instruments, installation of 18,500 feet of heat trace cable and 7,500 feet of process tubing. Ardent peaked at 126 personnel on site. The scope included two site-built MCC/Control rooms, and a truck loading control and measurement building. The work was executed through the summer in southeastern New Mexico and was completed with no recordable injuries. A small Ardent crew remained within this facility following construction turnover, and now supports the facility owner with maintenance and small capital projects.

Liquids Recovery Facility


In 2011, Ardent completed electrical and instrumentation construction for a gas plant near Watford City, North Dakota. This gas plant is a 100MMSCFD liquid recovery unit. This nine month project included installation of 10,000 feet of cable tray, 64,000 feet of above ground conduit, 42,000 feet of underground conduit and 435,000 feet of cable, while peaking at 135 craft and staff. All cable was pulled in an 11 week period. In addition to the primary electrical scope Ardent also installed and connected over 550 instruments, 27,000 feet of ground wire, 183 light fixtures, over 90 panels, transformers and junction boxes and 12,000 feet of electrical heat trace. Ardent completed this work with zero recordable injuries.

Construction Management Deep-water Platforms


Ardent was contracted to supplement and then replace the client's electrical subcontractor on their two high profile projects. The project required over 200,000 man-hours with peak manpower of approximately 190 E&I craftsmen. Ardent was responsible for all aspects of E&I construction and management, including commissioning, offshore installation and start-up.

Deep-water Platform Construction


Ardent was an Alliance partner to help build all five deep-water tension leg platform facilities, Auger, Mars, Ram/Powell, Ursa and Brutus/Glider. We provided all E&I construction services for the five topside facilities, including project management of onshore fabrication, module integration, pre-commissioning and offshore start-up support. The E&I scope ranged from approximately 190,000 to 380,000 man-hours per topside facility.

El Segundo Duct Bank


Ardent installed new VFD building in running unit. The project consisted of excavating up to existing sub-Station, core drilling through vaults, and installing new 4.16KV /480V conduit duct bank. The project was field designed by our site manager with final drawings approved and permitted through engineering. Our Craft safely executed this project during a highly critical unit turnaround.

26R Substation, 230kv – 115kv


Ardent constructed this grassroots 230kv, 800mw substation with the capacity to feed twelve 115kv transmission circuits for exclusive distribution to the immense production field. This substation has state of the art switching and configuration capabilities to provide reliable non-interruptible power distribution to this +125,000 BPD production and gas processing property.


Ardent performed the erection of all station structures, assembly and installation of switching apparatuses, equipment installations, fabrication and installation of aluminum welded bussing systems, installation of grounding, cable trenches and >200,000 feet of station power and control cables.

Gulf of Mexico Panel Fabrication


Ardent recently completed a large panel fabrication project for a major deep-water offshore oil and gas production facility in the Gulf of Mexico. This project included working with both the engineering contractor and the customer on the design and fabrication of thirty-one (31) MMS Test and Fusible Loop Charge control panels. The design included CAD drafting and project documentation. Ardent furnished all materials including overseeing and administering the fabrication of custom enclosures meeting UL Listing guidelines. The project took place over a two year engineering, fabrication and installation time frame. Ardent supplied all project management, CAD, shop management, and FAT for the project. The total project value exceeded $2 million.

Tioga Plant Expansion


Ardent provided E&I construction services for a portion of the plant expansion for a cryogenic natural gas plant. This cryogenic natural gas plant will be able to process ethane from natural gas, full fractions and sales of natural gas. Ardent provided E&I construction services with 45 experienced instrument technicians and supervision team in support of the commissioning effort. Ardent expended approximately 117K manhours, peaking at 160 craft and supervision. 

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