Services & Solutions

services.jpgWith over 1,500 skilled craft personnel and a staff of 80 electrical engineers, project managers, estimators and field engineers, Ardent provides more than services. We provide solutions. Ardent's experience is widespread.

Ardent is a premier provider of specialty electrical and instrumentation (E&I) services for process industries throughout the country. Ardent has also worked with leading-edge university chemists to perfect process automation and worked with an Academy Award winner to deploy set lighting 150 ft. below the sea surface following hurricane Ivan.

Ardent's extensive experience and the commitment of our personnel allow us to solve problems every day. Sometimes solving a unique problem requires a different point of view.

Working over 2.5 million man-hours per year, we have a significant amount of work experience and brainpower to draw upon. Contact Ardent for your project needs, we are ready to execute your project safely, on-time and on budget.