Capital Project Construction

3a.jpgFrom Executive Management to our skilled craftsmen, Ardent is committed to doing everything necessary to successfully maintain project schedule.

From top to bottom, we are a client-centric, project-completion-oriented business. Applying man-hours alone does not assure timely project completion.

Man-hours and the associated expense must be applied to the right areas, at the right time, with the right materials, the right safety practices and the right scope information to support the critical path and achieve timely client return on investment.

Ardent makes use of multiple tools to assure successful project completion. These tools include critical path scheduling with Primavera’s P6 software, proprietary work-order development, proprietary progress tracking databases, four-week look-ahead schedules, daily craft coordination meetings and, most importantly, intense personal commitment.

Managerial due diligence and active site supervision reinforce daily progress. Ardent captures and records the quantity of cable tray, cable length, conductor terminations, process tubing length,process detail completions, panel installations and device installations each day, while also capturing and recording man-hours expended for each installation commodity.

We do not merely capture linear footage. Decades of experience has taught us that quantity alone does not keep the project on schedule.

Our databases direct and capture not just cable footage installed, but which cable footage is installed, and which end of which cable is terminated, which tube is completed and which valve is ready to stroke.

Ardent aggregates not just length and conductor termination count, but which cables were pulled, which tubes were completed and which conductor ends have been terminated. Capturing and reporting progress at this level of detail does not increase project cost, but lowers cost while improving schedule certainty.

Adding skilled project management and project engineering resources provides greater certainty of timely system completions, while improving man-hour productivity and shining a spotlight on areas of schedule and performance risk.